CQS (Certification Quality System)

CertificateSpecialists in Certification of Management Systems

Quality System Certification mission, is to be a certifier of management systems implemented. It allows compatible response times of your organization with the integration of management systems and continuous improvement.

The certification audit methodology, is in line with the logic implementation of management systems, with emphasis on traceability and speed of response to the findings and accreditation with improvement continues.

What can reconcile commercial viability and effectiveness of the operation of the processes contained in the scope.


Our vision aims to help strengthen the economic viability of your organization through audits of management systems. Certification is a document that attests to the compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and represents a way to add value to the company and contribute to its success.


Our mission is to provide businesses with a professional service, available to a realistic schedule in order to help in your certification needs.

What you need Certified?

ISO Standardization

Mission and Vision

Work Methodology

  • Compliance
  • Policies
  • Control system and development
  • Staff training