Certification Methodology

CQS Sets as a basis for long-term policy for the continuous improvement of the processes referred to in accordance with the standards required for each case.

The principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, credibility, rigor are part of the certification requirement.


General Milestones,

They will always be part of the requirements CQS requires companies to be certified, are summarized as:

  • Compliance with legal requirements such as a certification requirement
  • Policies consistent objectives, subject to review
  • Control system and development resulted in a documented system robust
  • Staff training and communication of use and habit of systematic procederes
  • The existence of a manual, which literally expresses the confinement of the description The existence of a manual, which literally expresses the confinement of the description and the procedures involved, the extent and the conditions that develop with customers, the responsiveness of the system to the dynamic requirements and compliance commitment letters , in the context of health protection the environment and life are basic conditions.

Required audit Milestones

  • Organizational audit to identify and manage the structure that supports, processes affecting product quality.
  • Quality Audit explicit customer-related processes
  • Relational Design and Development Audit
  • Audit Quantitative data analysis processes results
  • Audit indicators Metric verification and comparison rules
  • Data simulation Audits Procedures arising from the treatment of non-conformities, are inherent in the system of continuous improvement and make a permanent commitment of the management of the applicant company.

What you need Certified?

ISO Standardization

Mission and Vision

Work Methodology

  • Compliance
  • Policies
  • Control system and development
  • Staff training